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Mission Statement for the School of Business: The primary purpose of establishing the School of Business is to develop students as professionals who are well suited and prepared for careers in either private sector or in public practice and have attained the expertise and diversity necessary to serve as potential executives for major corporations.

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Welcome to American University in Central Africa!

On behalf of the faculty and staff, I would like to welcome you to the School of Business! Our business programs are designed to establish an academic environment in which you, the learner, are empowered to develop creative solutions to important human, professional and societal problems.

The University’s learning-focused educational philosophy emphasizes the connection between professional relevance and scholarly excellence. The university is committed to providing an exceptional educational experience.

We look forward to helping to positively impact local, national, and international communities through the success of our business graduates. All of us at the university are eager to assist you in achieving your academic goals and individual goals as you enter these exciting and very important career paths.


Bachelor of Science in Accounting

The Bachelor of Science in Accounting program equips student with core knowledge on accounting principles that are applicable in the different areas of accountancy, including corporate and governmental accounting and information systems. The program intends to develop accountants who can efficiently perform various accounting functions of diverse business projects and competently adapt to changes in technology used for accounting systems. Graduates of this degree program may choose to enter both public and private practice in the fields of commerce, academe and government. Furthermore, this program instills the necessary knowledge and skills that will prepare students to be successful with the licensure examination for certified public accountants. This program also imparts business ethics and values that will aid students in adjusting to the fluctuating demands of business. Graduates of this program are well prepared in related fields of management and entrepreneurship.


  • Communication skills

    Use professional communication skills to express understanding of accounting principles and practices to diverse audiences.

  • Accounting information

    Evaluate accounting and business information by using analytical and critical thought processes.

  • Audit and fiscality

    Apply concepts, principles, and practices of accounting, including proficiency in auditing methods and fiscal planning.

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